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Extra meetup and SkeptiCamp planning committee meeting

The next get together of Brisbane Skeptics in the Pub is Friday 21 January.

This is an extra get together where we will be discussing the upcoming Brisbane SkeptiCamp! Join the organising committee meeting to hear what is happening and learn how you can help out, or just join us for the usually drinkies and chatter.

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SitP: Brisbane Skeptics in the Pub is a very relaxed get together of rational folks. Show up any time after 6:30pm till closing; we are usually kicked out of the pub and carry on chatting outside til late.

Where: Upstairs in the Heritage Room at the Plough Inn, click me to see the GZ

Contact: Phil Kent @Skeptimite 0417 696 739

Keep in touch: Find Brisbane Sitp on Facebook and @BrisbaneSitp on Twitter