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May the Forth meetup

Thanks to Phil Kent, the May meeting will have a special guest. Because of this the date has changed to the 4th of May. From the Facebook group,

I am very pleased to announce that at our May get together we will have a very special guest, namely Ken McCleod who recieved the 2010 Thornett Award from the Australian Skeptics. Ken is a key figure in Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN). Ken is travelling from interstate and so we could have him as our guest; our meeting has been moved by a few days.

A bit more about Ken:
Ken McLeod: Joined SAVN July 2009. 20 years in Air Traffic Control, 10 years in ATC and Search And Rescue management, Australian Representative on 2 UN committees relating to SAR and satellites, retired to work as a researcher for 2 Senators, now living an idyllic lifestyle on the NSW South Coast. Retirement led to whistleblowing, which led to 3 Senate enquiries and 1 4Corners program. Having learned from all that how to stir, wrote articles for “Australian Skeptic” magazine, then submitted the first complaint about the AVN to the HCCC, and then to OLGR, ATO, OFT, ABC, and various other acronyms. Published “Meryl Dorey’s Trouble With The Truth” Parts 1, 2, 3.


Should private health insurance cover homeopathy?

Saw Jayson Cooke post this on Twitter. The Age has an article about Homeopathy and private health insurance.

HOMEOPATHS are facing a fight to defend their practice in Australia after the National Health and Medical Research Council flagged it might declare their work baseless and unethical.

Read more:

This headline is a perfect example of Betteridge’s Law of Headlines and can be answered with the simple reply “No”.

Meeting in March

The March meet up will be on the 6th. Usual start time of 18:30 for drinks and/or food. The pub closes around 22:00 and there are usually people around all night talking about this and that.

We seem to have taken a fancy to the sofas inside on the ground floor. Head there first and look for a friendly looking group arguing discussing merrily.