SkeptiCamp Itinerary

SkeptiCamp is this weekend!
Join the facebook event page here

9:30 am Opening
9:45 am Mandy Noble
10:30 am Joe Bennet
11:00 am Natalie Carrington
11:45 am Lunch
1:00 pm Afternoon Opening
1:15 pm Kath Parsons
1:30 pm Andrew Houston
2:30 pm Enrique Bustamante
3:00 pm Heidi
3:15 pm Close

Saturday Evening
3:30 pm till late. Come and hang out at the Ship Inn Southbank.  Join the facebook event here. If you are going to Brian Cox, feel free to join us for a brew before hand.

11:30 am – 3:30 pm Focus on the Youngers: Skeptics in the Park!

Picnic style open forum for our younger members to discuss their skepticism and activism. Bring a blanket, bring a book, bring a ball, and listen to what the new generation of skeptics want from the future.

Venue for both days:
Jagera Arts Centre
121 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.


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