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Q Skepics August 26, 2013

Ageing at Work

Dr Hannes Zacher, Director Centre for Organisational Psychology – School of Psychology

Dr Hannes Zacher

The modern workplace is changing faster than I can type this sentence; so what happens when things change to fast? Not by multiples, orders of magnitude or quantum shifts but by whole world paradigms; what happens when lifetimes of knowledge become irrelevant?

 Does the ageing worker move with the times or succumb to the lure of retirement? Many olds fear retirement simply because of its association with cognitive decline and boredom.

 Organisational Psychology applies to humans in groups (and dogs, cats and goldfish as well). The dynamics of ageing in the workplace can be frightening and lead to maladaptive behaviours on all sides, not the least of which is ageism. Are older workers undervalued?

The Redbrick Hotel

Cnr Annerley and Stephens Rd Sth Brisbane

Monday 26 August 2013

6pm dinner 7:30pm meeting


Signed: An older worker

Bob Bruce