Q Skeptics – The Placebo Effect: Fact or Fiction

The Placebo Effect; Fact or Fiction

Dr Martyn GreenImage

Dr Green is a Family Physician, with special interests in psychotherapy and pain management. A patient of Dr Green made us aware of his interest in the placebo effect; so here he is! He uses hypnotherapy and psycho linguistic programming in his practice – so there will be plenty to talk about.

We do know the placebo effect is real and that it is sensitive to the ‘dose’ effect. Twice as much placebo is better than just one dose! So what is going on? Does it matter if the patient ‘knows’ they have been given placebo rather than prescribed pharmaceuticals? Can the self reports of patients be relied on when it comes to efficacy? Does it work if you are waiting for a liver transplant?!

The Redbrick Hotel

Cnr Annerley and Stephens Rd South Brisbane

Monday 24th June 2013

6pm dinner 7:30pm meeting

You can review Dr Green’s book The Maze Within at:



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