Qskeptics for February 25 2013 – Sustainability A/Prof William Grey


Dear Folks,

You might wonder what Skeptical content there is left in Sustainability and I think it goes along the lines of “we haven’t got a snowball’s chance in Hell of turning this around” and already agencies various are gearing their efforts and funding, not toward climate abatement but adaptation.

Finally the deniers are seeding more doubts about our involvement in GW by introducing the movement of the solar system about the galactic centre – could be the Nemesis star sucking off all the negative entropy we have come to enjoy.

While Chine burns half the coal used in the world – that’s a shed load of coal! – The pollution levels there are off the scale; so much so that travellers claim to be able to ‘taste’ the air. Hopefully they will wake up to themselves.

That’s how it is now and we are not impressing people enough that CO2 has a persistence of a 100 years or more in the atmosphere.

We pump it into the atmosphere by the gigatonne every year and it stays there for 100 years – you do the sum!

Many thanks to William Grey for this talk which he first gave last October.


Bob Bruce

Redbrick Hotel

Cnr Annerley and Stephens Rd

South Brisbane

Monday February 25th 2013

6pm dinner 7:30pm meeting


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